Filling a reusable bottle has to be more fun.

As a team, we did research about student behaviour and their tap water habits. Plastic bottles are a real problem to the environment: simply consider the costs and methods used for production, transport and recycling. Our challenge was to come up with a solution for an existing ‘Join the Pipe’ tap project at the University of Amsterdam. The solution had to ensure that less plastic bottles were bought at the university’s Amstel campus, and that more reusable bottles were used, filled with water from the water tap. Moreover, the investor, ‘Join the Pipe’, wanted to see the data on how much the tap was used, so that they could see how the solution was faring.

This project was together with: Andrei Motion, Damayanti Blankestijn and Joop Akerboom

My role in this project was to do a lot of research about the problem and what causes the sale of plastic bottles. I was in charge of the interviews with all stakeholders and presenting this information in the form of in personae, customer journeys, etc. Also I did user tests with the different prototypes that were designed by Joop Akerboom.


Nominated for:

Golden Dot Award 2018


Join the Pipe at the Knowledge Mile


Concepting with interactive prototype


10 weeks


Brainstorming, Desk en field research, Prototyping with  IOT and Arduino, Designing

How it works

The journey

Watch how users interact with the product.

Application showcase

All the screens and interactions explained.

Dashboard showcase

An overview of the dashboard screens.

Project Outcome

The solution

The solution was designed for students at the Amstel campus who used to buy plastic bottles. Because of the different elements, users can show off for their tap behavior and get a reward for it. This is a step towards a better environment.

Let’s work together to find a solution so there are less sales of plastic bottles and that stimulates the use of reusable bottles.

How it works:

  1. Check-in: Students can check in at the water tap using a key chain.
  2. Level-up: By tapping water, the student gains an XP and once they have tapped water four times, the student will level up.
  3. Earn: Earn tokens by tapping water. These tokens can be used to play the bottle flip game. This is a game where the user can earn points to get rewards. One example of such a reward is a different coloured tap, so you can show off to fellow students just how much you have tapped.


“Plastic bottles are a thing of the past.”