Happy baby’s, moms, and gift-givers with organic and handmade baby accessories.

The assignment for this project was to find a company to do research for with the aim of giving advice to increase conversion. We ended up at Deem Design, a webshop that sells organic handmade baby accessories. We looked at strategy, card sorting, interviews, an expert review, a survey, user test, eye tracking and Google analytics analyses. We created personas and created a segment. We also created a customer journey and a persuasion scenario, performed A/B tests, created a dashboard and came up with advice, as well as working on our presentation skills.

This project i did together with marketing expert Kim Krijt.

My role was designing a user friendly prototype, all kinds of user research with stakeholders, design a dashboard, analyze Google analytics data, set up the A/B test and present what we’ve got to our client. What else I did during this project:

  • Created a persuasion scenario
  • Made a behavioral design canvas
  • Sketched a redesign
  • Guided user testing and eye-tracking
  • Created a content calendar
  • Created an online score card


  • Advertisement
  • Photography
  • Strategy

Awards & Mentions

  • Promolicious
  • Site of the day

Project Outcome


We chose to focus on the gift givers segment. The survey showed that the gift giver orders a baby gift 1 to 3 days in advance on average. It also turned out that the segment is less outgoing than expected. We also found that the segment compares, using up to three websites, before making a purchase. The survey confirmed that the age, MBTI characteristics, the device, personality and the points given are the most important considerations when buying a baby gift.

The most important task of the gift giver is to want to buy the most original and best gift for their girlfriend/sister’s baby. This was a very clear outcome of the survey. The interviews and the survey showed that this group often goes to buy a gift at the last minute and therefore considers it important that this can be done quickly and easily.

Analytics analyses:

During the project I learned a lot about Google analytics and working with segments. We did a total of 40 analyses and then once we had determined the segment, we did it again with this segment set in analytics. Because of this I now have experience with doing almost every analysis in Google analytics.

Interactive dashboard:

Using Google data studio, we created an interactive dashboard in which the advice was described again. The data was also changed, so that after implementation, a comparison could be made between the current and old data. This gave us and the client insight into the impact of the redesign. You can view the dashboard here.

Redesign, implemented in Shopify:

After the project, I was asked by Deem Design to implement the redesign I had sketched in Shopify. Our advice was to implement my webshop into Shopify. Deem Design wanted to use a customer card system which I also implemented. This allows customers to save points for a discount so that they will come back more often. The website can be seen here: https://deem-design.myshopify.com/


During this project I learned to work independently and give presentations to a client in a professional way. This was also very much about personal development and because I wanted to develop my presentation skills, I chose to focus on this. This has certainly worked. I have learned a lot from all the assignments and these skills will always come in handy in my future career.